New Beauty Treasures – Mac, Younique, Hourglass and Desio

IYUIYU Beauty Treasures

What’s your favorite part of shopping? To me it’s reviewing all of my new belongings! Beauty Sunday with my Fellfische cellphone case and my newest beauty treasures ❤️❤️❤️

Have a great Sunday!

Younique Moostruck 3D Fiber Lashes – Must have, if you want long eyelashes

Elite 99 UV Ombre Temperature Change Polish

Mac Sin Lipstick (officially my darkest lipstick ever!) – Thank You Lanh ❤️

Hourglass Brushes (wanted them all the time!)

Desio Contacts in Caramel brown, which i ordered at – 39€ including shipping

Olaplex No1 & No2 – Thanks to Ayse for the recommendation and to Nhung for buying this for me ❤️

Fellfische Cellphone Case Handcrafted by us with love // Shop at

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