Sunday and Oberweis Chocolates

IYUIYU Sunday Chocolates

Hello friends, what are you up to? All i do is sketching on my Tigerfella notebook and eating up all the gorgeous Oberweis chocolates my dad brought home from Luxembourg. They are so delicious! Also drinking water to make up calories. But Desi’s super cute donut coaster makes me hungry again, so i start eating chocolates again. What a day… Have a sweet Sunday ❤️

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Friday Work Desk

IYUIYU Friday Work Desk

Friday work desk… When you’ve still got work to do, but are already preparing for the night and eating sweets to survive the last working hours. I love @Lindt chocolate and @Ciate glow in the dark nail polish. Aren’t Desi’s coasters made of iron-on beads super gorgeous? What are your plans for the weekend ❤️? […]

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